10 November 2008

Big Sister

Over the weekend, Vera met some of her bigger friends. This mature young lady here said, "I can look after 2 babies," Spoken just like a big sister. Looking at her made me wish Vera had one.


Alyssa's Mom said...

Alyssa's big sister wouldn't trade her in for the world. She loves to get right in and "mother" her. All the attention poured out on alyssa can't be bad right?

Vera is adorable. I am trying to find time to fulfill the request for pictures and a paragraph, are you still wanting to do that? I think it was a great idea, and thank you for your willingness to do so. As a newer mom on this T18 journey I would have loved to come across an experiencial journal like the one you'd like to make. Hope is such a powerful tool. Is your email posted or did you want the entry sent to here? To early in the AM for me to think clearly about the specifics of your request...anyhow love your blog about Vera I read it often.

Alyssa's mom

May said...

Trish Yes, I'm still collecting picture and paragraph, but only Cathy has replied so far... well something is better than nothing to show doctors. Please email me at tham.yin.may@gmail.com I'm as new to this journey as you are, so we'll all learn from one another. Thank you all for stopping by in your busy lives to visit Vera!

connie said...

Hi May. I hadn't intended to just not respond, but since Mallorie doesn't have an actual diagnosis, I don't think her story would fit. I think it's a really neat idea, and wanted to just say that. You are someone who gives such hope and your way of writing helps people see how full of joy your life is (even on not so joyful days). How Vera adds so much to your lives. Please don't think I just read your idea and thought it wasn't really great!