01 August 2008

S.O.F.T Conference

The S.O.F.T (Support Organisation for Trisomy 13 and 18) conference in Denver has just ended. Of course I had known about it a month or so before. But didn't know how important it would be for us to attend.

Now I wished we hadn't missed it. Basically, once every year, doctors, parents and children with Trisomy come together to share new information, support, care and treatment issues. According to one mom, the doctors who take part voluntarily to help the kids. Also we could have met other parents and learnt a lot from them. Of course, also to see how other kids like Vera.

Most importantly, we'd be among people who know exactly what we're going through. And we'd feel like we're not alone at all.

Well, next year ok, Vera? You can go on your first plane ride.