12 August 2008

She Can Wear Them

New clothes. They came in a flurry with Vera's arrival. Friends and well-wishers from far and wide gifted us with them. 0-3 months, 0-6 months...the labels said.

Back then, I felt nothing receiving them. In fact, each time I saw them, especially the bigger-sized ones, I'd think to myself, 'What's the use? Vera would probably not get to wear them," So I stashed them away in the storeroom.

As the weeks passed and we were into her 3rd month, we found that Vera was indeed outgrowing her 6 sets of Mothercare newborn vests. They had been the only thing small enough for her wear since birth.

Vera was actually outgrowing her clothes! The realisation filled me with such joy.

Now, I relish the very act of packing away clothing that no longer fits her. I'd find every excuse to relegate them to the "Outdated Pile". "This one's a little tight at the arms...that one's exposing her tummy..." Somehow, seeing the "Outdated Pile" grow fills me with an inexplicable feeling of pride.

I'm not the only one who's excited by Vera's outgrowth. The clothes lying dormant in the storeroom are probably stirring too. Especially the ones that once adorned another little baby girl named Jorryn. One by one, they're being hoisted out of darkness, and given new life again.

So keep growing alright little Vera? There are still so many clothes, waiting for you to wear them.