07 August 2008

Ordinary Miracles

What a beautiful oxymoron!

And how true. That it's the most unspectacular, taken-for-granted things in life that are the ones that are the most awe-inspiring.

Like our eyes. They open for us every day, asking only for a blink now and then to keep going.

Like our heart. Pumping since the day we were born, never once stopping to rest or skip a beat.

Like our legs. Taking us wherever we wish to go. Scaling mountains, to the depths of the oceans, to explore faraways lands.

Like our fingers. Running tiring on a keyboard, churning out words to earn our keep, drumming on a piano to create sounds to soothe our souls.

There's so much more to cherish in the very ordinary. The things we look at but often do not see.

Do you see the "i" in "miracles"?