09 July 2010

Constipation Week

Waiting for her suppository

After 3 days of no poo poo, no passing gas, no trying to poo despite papaya juice, prune juice and brown rice water, we brought Vera to the doctor.

She got a suppository and after 10 minutes, she passed out a lump of the precious cargo. It was relatively hard. I've had to push her anus (ouch!) twice this past week to get the rocky gems out, and it caused bleeding around the periphery. The doctor explained that the pain causes her to have an aversion to pushing. And so the loot builds up further. It's a vicious cycle.

Hopefully with Lactulose, things will return to normal in a few days' time. Hoping to get a whiff of her smelly gas soon. You have no idea how much I love poo.