18 July 2010

Poo N Button Update

Okay. Turns out the button was just blocked with some I don't know what. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions so fast. As advised by a friend, we now know how to troubleshoot it, flushing with some coke or fizzy water.

It's just a big relief that the button's A-okay. The surgeon used the stick to stretch the BARD peg upon insertion, so I think insertion isn't that painful. It's the pulling out that wasn't with the stick, just bare hands. But given that it's so soft, I guess it's less painful than it looks. It would have been better if a nurse had held Vera down. Then I wouldn't have to see the blood oozing out from The Hole few centimetres from my face.

Anyway, that's all over.

The poo - it's still not regular.

We don't have Pediasure with Fibre here in Singapore. I could ask the local supplier if they could ship it in, but thing is, I'm just not very keen on Pediasure anymore. I know it's for tubefeeding it's complete nutrition, but my gut feel is that it is too potent (rich, thick, sweet) for her system. Another reason is our house has become an ant-haven. They LOVE Pediasure! So once the poop gets regular, I might try out another non-sweet milk.

With the constipation : I've tried adding really smooth banana puree to her milk, and giving pear juice. She's on Vitamin C and lactulose, and lacto GG. I've upped her water intake by a lot. More than her daily requirement. So far, we're not seeing the smooth passing of stools on these.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming!