12 April 2010

Where is Vera?

Some of you might be wondering too. I'm guilty of literally asking that just the other day.

We were occupied with our new member and our helper had left Vera briefly on the the mat to attend to some household chores. When I came back from the bedroom to check on her, I found her rolled almost under the coffee table. She was as quiet as a mouse (... well, she is born in the year of the Rat according to the Chinese Zodiac), and it looked as if she was exploring its underside.

She seems to know that we're busy recently and has been quite contented to spend quiet and happy moments on her own - clapping her hands, tapping on her musical toys, rolling around, smiling to herself, etc.

We usually flank her with some toys or bulky objects to prevent her head from knocking onto the hard floor if she rolls off the mat. Thanks to all the 'secret training' she's been putting in while we were not looking, her rolls are faster now and she sometimes can turn in multi-directions. Which explains why she ended up under the table.

Looks like we've got a car mechanic in the making.