29 April 2010

Vomitting Again

Vera's not been well the last few days. In fact, she missed her Didi's (little brother's) 1st month celebration.

She came down with a low grade fever last Saturday. I admit I panicked at the first sign of it and headed straight for the doctor and insisted on antibiotics.

On hindsight I should have waited and monitored. Now her tummy's not taken well to the antibiotics (again) - it damages the gut flora - and she's not been able to hold down her milk. Even the Omeprazole she's on, which is supposed to reduce acid production, is not helping.

This is what comes up when we vent (take out the air from) her stomach. Really wondering what this means.

The good thing is that the fever is gone. Hoping to get some answers from the visit to the GI doctor next week.