22 March 2010

Sleep Study Results

We got the results of Vera's sleep study titration today.

The optimum BiPAP setting for her are:

Inspiration: 14
Expiration: 8

We'll need to up it to this from the current 12/6 over the next few weeks.

Now to the more exciting news: Vera is now 9 kilograms (at 2 years old). She's gaining about 200 grams per month. This is a little too much, so we're cutting back on her calories a bit. The target set by the dietician is that she does not exceed 11 kilograms by the time she turns 3.

She's also grown taller by 4cm since the start of the year and is now 74cm. With 2 hospital stays, this growth is hardly what we expected. It's probably due to the better sleep again!