02 March 2010

The Countdown Begins

With all that's been happening with Vera, I find myself 'suddenly' at full-term (36 weeks). Meaning that in the coming weeks, I could give birth any time.

Vera's birth via elective C-section was nothing less than a traumatic experience. Contrary to what many believe - that once you have a C-section, subsequent births have to be as well - I am preparing for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).

In many ways, it is like a first birth for us. I never got to see Vera fresh out of my womb. I never got the chance to breastfeed her. Daddy never got to 'cut the cord'. We've never experienced the initial joy and adrenalin rush of birth.

We hope that this time we will be able to go through what nature intended.

All I ask for is that Vera stays well till the birth (and after of course!)