04 March 2010

Customised Headgear

Who would have thought a bra could be turned into the perfect mask headgear?

Well, Vera's grandma did.

The original neoprene headgear that came with Vera's Maskmedic Mask is already fraying, one month after use. Because of constant velcro-ing and washing (because of the sweat smell).

Getting a replacement from the mask company is out of the question: It costs a ridiculous $180!

So what to do? It helps when you have a mom with a brilliant idea and sewing skills.

She cut a hole in the cup of a new bra, so it cups the back of Vera's head snugly. Then sews the bra straps on, ending with thin velcro strips obtained from a computer shop.

Bras are made of stretch material, are soft, breatheable and are velcro-adhesive - so it's the perfect material!