14 October 2009

Night Mission

Just to recap, here we are, 6 months since Vera's sleep study with no CPAP and a severe Obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis. We paid a visit to her respiratory doctor yesterday and she didn't push on the CPAP either, hearing how difficult it was to get Vera on it.

Instead she sent us home with an oximeter. Over the next 3 nights, we are supposed to monitor Vera's oxygen saturation and heart rate. If levels are found to be in an acceptable range, we'll leave things be, if not, we may have to give Vera oxygen at night.

During the sleep study, I remember seeing O2 levels in the 60s. Her lowest was found to be 52. It's 4am on this first night and we're seeing levels in their 90s! I can't believe my eyes. Is the monitor faulty? Is she just having a good night? How is it possible? I'm waiting expectantly for it to fall.

Good old Ian has done his shift from 11pm - 3am and gone to bed. Mummy's turn to stay up...