13 October 2009

Chewing Gums

As part of the long journey towards getting Vera to eat orally, we have to improve her jaw movement by getting her to bite and chew on oral therapy tools.

She'd never been introduced to a pacifier since birth, since there was always a feeding tube in her mouth. But I bought this GumdropTM pacifier from the States (recommended by a Tri18 mom thank you!) and it's turned out to be great for therapy. It is translucent and is the only pacifier I know with a hole that allows you to view tongue and jaw movement.

At first, Vera refused it and kept gagging. Then, I thought, 'Hmmm...since she likes to chew on her finger, maybe if I put her finger in it, I could trick her into thinking it's her finger she's chewing!'

It worked. Hehehe.