01 October 2009

Bad Eye Getting Better

All this while, we were content with Vera having vision in her good left eye. Her right had practically no response since birth as the haze covering it is thicker.

Today, at her routine 3 monthly Eye Doc appointment, they found that her right eye is now responding. The haze has cleared visibly, without medication.

Cards like these were flashed in front of each of Vera's eyes to test their movement. It's called a Grating Acuity Test. The better the eye, the narrower the lines it can detect. Her reading was L: 20/470, R: 20/960. I guess that means the right is probably half as good as the left.

Numbers aside...whoopie! Sight improvement is big for us and Vera. There's still a long way from good vision but at least it's a start.

In the past, when people asked, "Can she see?" I'd say "Only with her left eye".

Now, I can happily say: "Yes she can!"