29 March 2016

She's On A Deep Dive

Intubated and on a ventilator, Vera looks like she's geared up for scuba diving, but with much higher pressure setting than typical diving.

With sedation, it's like she has descended to so great a depth that we no longer can see each other. We now gauge vitals on the machine readings by the amount, quality and frequency of the bubbles rising to the surface. Her brain might not make total sense of the sounds around her, but she is able to hear our voices, mummy's singing and the familiar music we're playing. Like in diving, we can still hear sounds through water.

We hope that she can find her way around in this seemingly ultra-long deep dive.

Vera girl, 

Don't flip too hard when you go round chasing after the squids; you need to conserve your energy and refrain from further stressing your heart. 

Don't swim against the  undercurrents that are too strong; just stay low or hang onto something and wait it out since your lungs are still badly infected. 

Don't explore too deep into the cave; we don't want you get lost in it and run out of air. 

Don't spend too long at the deeper end and do constantly check your nitrogen levels; your limbs are already very cold and it will take you longer to surface to see us again.

- by Ian