23 March 2016

Annual Visit

Vera averages 2 hospital stays a year.

Usually one at the start of the year, the other between August to September.

So here we are. High fever and lung infection. Xray shows patches in both sides of the lungs. Last August, we held out with her at home for 5 days before bringing her to the hospital.

This time, it's the 3rd day, but since we're going into a holiday weekend, I didn't want to wait. Plus her caregiver and I have been up for 3 consecutive nights. We're running low.
Good thing we brought her in. She needed oxygen. We don't have that at home. We also don't have a nebulizer, which I need to get.

As the years go by and we age, it's going to get tougher for us to care for Vera when she falls sick. Maybe one day, we'll have to send her in on Day One.

Hopefully, she gets better with the hospital air and the IV antibiotics.