31 March 2016

Not Out of The Woods

After the intubation in the wee hours last Saturday the doc told us, if we had not intubated at that point, we would have lost Vera right there shortly.

Now, we'd given her a fighting chance. We were told however, to expect that Vera would get worse before getting better.

The next 48 hours would be the eye of the storm.

On Sunday morning, at 730am, I got a call from the ICU. Vera had desaturated and they were bagging her, but unable to bring her back up.

Ian and I had been sleeping in the Ronald MacDonald Family Room on the couch overnight, and we rushed back to the ICU which was just next to it.

We entered the room when they had just bagged her 3 times. Miraculously, Vera eyes were open (likely due to the stimulus of the bagging). She looked at me, and gave a smile. Not a big one, with the tube in her mouth, but she smiled. Then looked around unfocused then closed her eyes again.

She stabilised after another round of bagging. We were shaken. So this was what they meant by it going to get worse first.

We went on to have another such episode. Daddy was alone with her (I'd fallen sick and was home resting).
I rushed down and we're staying put at the hospital from now on. (Two is always better than one.) Bless the Ronald MacDonald charity for giving us a room in the Ronald MacDonald House, so we could rest properly every night. It's truly a haven that gives much needed respite for worn and weary parents of kids in ICU.

Dear girl is still fighting. We know cos she had a fever last night.

She's not out of the woods yet.