26 April 2014

Vera's Rifton Activity Chair is Here!

The Queen has a new throne
Finally, Vera's proper chair arrived at our home.

The good helpful people from DNR Wheels brought it and fitted it for her.

A kind old friend and my mother chipped in for this chair, which came in at a hefty S$4800 (US$3800) including shipping.

Like Vera's Bugaboo Bee pram, it is scalable on many fronts, so it can grow with her - so we considered it a worthwhile investment if she can use it for the next 6 years. Thankfully, Vera doesn't grow fast height-wise.

Immediate benefits:
1) Less strain on our backs carrying her in and out
2) Side supports for her curved spine
3) She can 'sit' with us at the dining table
4) Look at us at eye level instead of looking up at us all the time
5) Proper footrest

Long-term benefits:
When Vera gets really heavy, we will be able to push her to the bathroom to do a transfer, and minimise carrying.

For now, she is well-supported and I am a happy mom. : )