26 April 2014

Auntie L

Auntie L is Vera's first physiotherapist.

I believe we brought Vera to see her when she was a year old or so.

We received lots of good, practical advice from her. Each visit was an educational cum hands-on session.

We stopped seeing Auntie L a few years later when Vera seemed to fall sick every few months and hence made little progress physio-wise.

Vera is now 6 and we bumped into Auntie L at the hospital today.

One look at Vera and she could tell she was slouching in her pram because the seat had become too shallow. It no longer supported her under the knees.

I think having her point that out to me was an Eureka moment. Sometimes we get lost in the day-to-day matters to actually take stock and review current "settings". 

She offered some suggestions to extend the seat, since the backrest of the pram still had room for height growth. 

When I related the events to Ian, he recalled, "I think the Bugaboo Bee's seat can be extended. That's one of the reasons you bought it."

I had completely forgotten. I googled to find out if it were indeed true that the Bee's seat could be extended

Yes it can! With a simple seat lift and tug, no screws whatever. 

I adjusted it to the exactly depth required - 10 inches - and happily found it could still protrude some more. 

Sometimes the solution is right under your nose - you just need the right people to point it out to you!