29 December 2010

An Eventful Year

Here we are at the end of 2010...it was so packed with ups and downs I'm actually heaving a sigh of relief that it's nearly over.

There was the exhilaration of Daen's birth, coupled with the strain of numerous hospitalisations for Vera, and the initial tough months of caring for a newborn.

We've arrived in a better place than at the start of the year I believe:

Daen's out of infancy and now a bubbly active baby, Vera's breathing is better, we now know how to manage secretions at home, and I'm able to enjoy more time out, thanks to great help from Ian and our immediate family members.

And Vera recovering just in time for Christmas get-togethers was a real bonus.

The fact that she is HERE today with us, is reason enough to celebrate, any day of the year!

Vera doing her stand/dance

The kids with Ian's younger sis & our helper

Vera seems to recognize an old friend who used to visit us with her kids
before Vera turns one

Daen with his godma!