05 October 2010



It's short for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Vera is in hospital right now nursing one. Her 2nd one this year. (Okay, my bad for speaking too soon about her relative wellness.)

We know what to expect now - suctioning and more suctioning basically. All that gunk just has to get out before she can get out of hospital.

But this time, I'm determined to gain some headway with her sleeping difficulties.

Her caregiver Beth has been waking up every night for the last 4 months.

On a good night she tosses and turns fitfully. The mask shifts and covers her nostrils. (By the light of a lamp, Beth strains to check that it is in place again.

On a bad night, the airway blockage gets so bad she is rudely awakened, howling with sleep deprivation. She stays awake from 3-6am. Then knocks out thereafter till 10am.

I tried helping Beth out one night - staying awake affecting my entire system. My brain was a blur the next day.

So, I'm pinning my hopes on the good doctors at NUH to offer us some options.

She may be given Melatonin (as you mentioned Cathy, am I right?) She will be trying on some new mask that will fit her growing face. She's also having ENT take a look, and we'll see if removing her adenoids surgically is a possible way to go.