26 October 2010

Awake In the Wee Hours

Ever since Vera came back from the hospital, her sleep pattern has changed again.


Awake: 3-6am
Sleep: 6-10am
Awake: 10-4pm
Sleep: 4-6pm
Awake: 6-12midnight
Sleep: 12-3am


Awake: 3-6am (this had not changed)
Sleep: 6-10am
Awake: 10am-9pm (at least she doesn't take an afternoon nap)
Sleep: 9pm-3am (at least she goes to bed earlier and gets a few good hours)

Beth (who sleeps with her) reports major nose block at 3am.

Here's my theory:

Our dear friend knows that between 3-6am (when her muscles relax the most) is the time when she has most difficulty in breathing. She has learnt that by being awake, she can breathe better (SpO2 100), and avoid the problem. So she wakes, sometimes happily clapping her hands.

It's her survival instinct at work.

I can't wait for the surgery to take us out of this impasse of her nose obstruction. Seeing her unable to breathe properly is so hard. It stresses me out because I know, much as she is gaining weight and looking healthy, she's not gonna last long breathing the way she does day in day out.

We see the GI surgeon today to see if he can do her fundoplication (to nail the reflux) together with the adenoids & tonsils surgery (by another surgeon) coming Monday November 1st.

At least she gets 2 things done with one GA.

I know I shouldn't be stressing, but what mother will not be worried when her child goes for surgery?