10 May 2010

Hospital Visit

I brought Vera to see the GI doctor last week. What a patient, unassuming lady Dr M was!

She recommended that Vera see the ENT doc again to assess if she still has swelling in the throat area (a sign of reflux), now that she's been on Omeprazole (acid reduction meds) for quite a while now.

If there is still Laryngomalacia, then we'll consider doing a PH impedence study. Not very sure exactly what's that yet - I guess we will when we come to it.

After that, I had two chance encounters at the hospital that left me feeling really happy.

I had wanted to get an oximeter from the Respi team but had not managed to contact Dr D in time.

But walking down the hospital aisle, I bumped into him and he arranged it on the spot!

I also had to get a copy of Vera's milk intake calculation but hadn't arranged to meet the Dietician who didn't know when I would be coming. When I arrived at the Dietetics department, no one was at the counter as it was lunchtime. Just then, the dietician walks in, back from her rounds in the ward. She sat down and explained it to me.

Nothing was planned. But yet, it seemed like everything was planned.

Two ordinary miracles make for one special day!