25 September 2009

Stoma Care

Thank goodness for home care nurses.

Vera's stoma area had been slightly inflamed for nearly a month. It itches and she keeps scratching at it. We tried everything. Changing gauze regularly to keep the area dry, applying the supposedly 'magic powder' Stomahesive...all to no avail.

It should have occurred to me to call her home care nurse Sister Rachel earlier. She offered some cream for the area - Baneocin - and I must say, THIS is the magic cream. In one day, the redness has subsided to a dull pink.

Thank you, Sister Rachel!

P.S. Vera's GI doc was on Medical Leave so we saw a stand-in. He commented that he was very impressed with my medical knowledge - of stoma care, usage of medical terms. Hmmm...do doctors not expect parents to be actively involved in their children's care? Anyway, I replied matter-of-factly: "My daughter has Trisomy 18. I HAVE to know everything."