04 September 2009

Her Heart is OK

Vera has many doctor's appointments.

But the one that I approach with anticipation is always the one with her cardiologist. After all, the heart is her engine room.

Which is why I was relieved to hear from the very experienced pediatric cardiologist Dr W at KKH that Vera's heart is okay.

There were some abnormalities detected though - the 'door' letting blood flow from the heart to the rest of the body had 2 'flaps' instead of the normal 3; plus, there was a tiny hole at the top of her heart (gasp) - BUT (thank goodness for buts) they were not causing any problems at this time. Dr W, however did add that "whether it would later on, we don't know". Well, with Trisomy 18, you get used to living with deviations and disclaimers.

I'll take it.

During the echocardiogram, I stared at the monitor in awe at Vera's beating heart. Drumstick-like flaps danced in perfect synchrony with one another, like pistons in a car. No one there had any idea how precious each beat was to me.

Beat on, little heart!