30 September 2008

First Step To Freedom

After months of throwing up due to the tube irritating her throat, it's now OUT OF HER MOUTH. Finally, she can suck her hands and fingers all she wants. Finally, no more constant tape changing each time saliva soaks it up.

We have her Speech Therapist Vasu to thank. He took one look at her and urged us to get her onto NG (nasal gastrostomy) tube without delay. The tube had already caused a ridge to form in her upper palate, like an inverted canyon! That would cause further problems further down the line, like stunt teeth growth.

It was traumatic to watch though. Vera cried her eyes out. Of course, who likes something thrusted up their noses and without warning? With time, she should get more used to it. We hope.

For those who know about my initial aversion to tube insertion, well, here it goes again. Another mental challenge to overcome!