25 May 2018

The Trisomy 18 Connection

Once in a while I'll get an email from a new Trisomy 18 parent wanting to connect.

They have found us through Vera's blog or through someone who knows about Vera's blog.

I'm heartened to know that this blog continues to connect us where it would be near impossible to otherwise. Hospitals are not allowed to divulge information about cases to other parents. Although I wish they would if they have expressed that they are okay with sharing and supporting other parents.

As a new Trisomy 18 parent, the first thought we had when Vera was born was: "Are there others in my situation? Parents I can learn from? Get an idea of what such a child would be like? I need an experience map!"

To Annabelle's mom, Zane's mom, Mallory Rose's mom and many others, we couldn't have done it without your guidance, back when there wasn't facebook groups.

And so I keep up the blog, hoping to pay it forward.

If you know a family with a Trisomy 18 baby, please share this blog with them.