11 May 2018

Quattro Air for Her

Quattro Air for Her - Resmed adult full face mask

Vera needs a full face mask for her Obstructive Sleep Apnea - one that covers both her nose and mouth.
The problem is, hardly any companies manufacturer them for kids. So over the years, we have been buying adult NASAL masks to cover her nose and mouth. We've gone from nasal M to L to XL. XL being the biggest nasal mask size out there, it was a matter of time that we would have to transition Vera to adult full face masks, starting with the XS or S size.

I bought so many - but they were just too big. She was what we call "in between".

Finally, today, I brought out one of 3 full face masks I'd purchased 2 years ago, waiting for the day she can transition to them.

And the Resmed Quattro Air for Her fit perfectly! It's the XS size, thank goodness there's an XS size. Which means my years of online mask hunting, buying masks without knowing if they'll fit her - are over. From now on, it's just a matter of getting the same mask, just a size up, with just a call away from the local vendor.

I can breathe easy now.