21 July 2016

Wading In The Well

Wading in the well.

That's what I've been doing the last 2 months.

It's quiet, dark and damp.

I wade in endless circles, looking up at the sun that's so near yet so far.

We can't get Vera out of her stuporous state.

The medication for her seizures, they knock her out. She wants to wake, but can't.

Our worst fear is that Vera can't seem to focus. She doesn't look at us now, even up close. We suspect her sight has been affected.

When we call her, she no longer turns towards us. (Is her hearing affected as well?)

Yet, the girl shows signs of life. Her left hand moves with a vengeance - swiping, scratching, it's very much alive. Fighting like a one-arm bandit.

Vera, fight on. We gotta get out of this well.