05 July 2016

Suctioning Seriously Sucks

Warning: This is a ranting post.

I'd never thought I'd rant in a post, but here it is.

Suctioning your own kid sucks.

Sticking a tube down your kid's throat, agitating her to gag and cough sucks. Best part, she resists with all her might and we can't get the secretions out.

Seeing tears from her eyes each session, with no crying sounds, and you're the one causing it. My tears? They drip from my heart.

I'd not expected to suction her for so long after discharge. Discharge right? Well already that's why discharge right?


Full recovery of lungs, will take months. Secretions will therefore take months to clear. I'd been eager to discharge her. In all her past admissions, the need for suctioning at home stopped after a week back home. Things go back to normal.

It's a nightmare this time. It's been 5 weeks I've done this.

For Vera, it's been suctioning every day since mid-March, that's 4 months. For a girl who's never needed suctioning at all when well.

I just want this suctioning nightmare to end.