09 June 2016

US Time Girl

Vera came back from hospital on US time zone. The no-day-no-night of hospital wards altered her circadian rhythm. When we wake up at 8am she'll fall asleep. She'll wake at 6pm.

We took turns to stay up with her through the night and it was terrible for us.

I refuse to follow her time. She's got to follow us instead. Now I just let her be at night while we sleep. I wake occasionally to check. And yes, we've resorted to help from sedatives.

I'm banking on Mr Sun to work his magic, so working in as much sun time as possible.

Vera's lost all her usual movements except for one arm. But I can't dwell on that right now. Gotta get her back to Singapore time first.

Suctioning is still on going with no end in sight. I'm hoping Mr Sun will dry up her lungs too.