15 May 2016

Day 2 Back Home

Vera was discharged from the hospital on Friday.

We had been there 4 weeks in PICU, 3 weeks in High Dependency.

While we are so relieved the daily hospital visits have ended, the journey to full recovery has just begun.

Her caregiver and I have to continue suctioning round the clock, as the secretions will not be completely gone for a while.

Vera's different than before. If you've seen how active she is, the change is evident.

As of Day 2:

Head control: poor
L hand: moving slightly like before
R hand: not moving much
L leg: slightly moving
R leg: not moving much
Sitting up: no
Signature smile: no
Remarks: grimacing at times

I've been on unpaid leave - thanks to my very kind boss - since Vera was hospitalised.

While I wish she could bounce back to her normal self and life can resume as normal, it's not going happen.

She shows signs that she's trying, so hopefully with time she can regain whatever function she used to have.