15 April 2016

Safety Stops

Today will be 3 weeks in ICU for Vera. (In her past 8 years, the longest she's ever stayed in ICU is 3 days.)

Her medication dosages have been weaned down further. Ventilator supports have also been reduced progressively to see how she tolerates breathing more on her own.

Meanwhile, she has been treated with anti-fungal for her Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and antibiotics for secondary lung bacteria infection. Due to the rawness around the central line (neck area), it has been replaced with a PICC, a line through her arm. Secretions from suctioning are clearer and less viscous now.

She's experiencing uncontrollable tremors, mainly in her upper body. Withdrawal from sedatives possibly. She's had a bout of seizures as well. Not surprisingly since her fever has lasted nearly 4 weeks.

Vera is now, in scuba diving terms, at multiple safety stops. Clinging to the anchored rope because currents can be strong and she can be drifted away from where we would like her to be. She's on a slow ascent to let her body get ready for the next crucial hurdle: extubation.