04 April 2016

Doctors With The 3Cs

Why do we travel across the island to the National University Hospital each time Vera needs to be admitted?

Because the NUHkids doctors have the 3Cs.

From the Children's Emergency, to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to the general ward 47, these are the 3 things that make NUHkids doctors stand out:

Competence. Compassion. Conversation.

Yes, as parents, knowing your child is in the hands of competent doctors greatly eases your worries.

But beyond brilliance, what we appreciate most is their compassion - the human, unassuming, empathetic way doctors talk about our child. While Vera was in a life-threatening situation, the approach of doctors caring for her was measured and sensitive.

Lastly, conversation is what sets NUHkids doctors apart.

Doctors are extremely busy, and have many urgent cases to attend to at once. But we've never been brushed off or made to feel that we're "taking up their time".

They converse with parents, take each question and explain patiently in detail (some parents like us like to know the medical specifics). Some also show interest in Vera's life and what she can do.

Thank you, doctors of NUHkids. You have made a big difference to how we as parents cope with a child who needs frequent hospital support.

P.S. Thank you to the PICU nurses and therapists too - you are the hard-working hands that heal our kids!