21 May 2015

2015 Give Me A Break!

We're almost at the half year mark, and still have not settled into some much needed routine.

January - 3 weeks of lung infection and non stop suctioning, followed by hospitalisation, then came a fall and re-hospitalisation.

February - Chinese doc visits to cure Daen of his protracted cough. Chinese New Year.

March - Appointments galore: ENT, Sleep Study, Neuro, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Orthotics new Afos.

April - Lee Kuan Yew passes away. Send old helper back. Train new helper. I lost 3 kilogrammes.

May - Vera Gastroenteritis 2 weeks, followed by Daen Gastroenteritis. Both lost weight.

I have been trying so hard to get Vera settled into school but my efforts get thwarted over and over again with all that has been happening since the start of the year.

All these while I attempt to still deliver at my job.

Which was why this Monday, I lost it.

It was a fine sunny day, and I had just gotten Vera ready to enter the pool at school. We'd missed so many hydrotherapy sessions, the most enjoyable part of school for Vera.

Then, there was a lightning alert. We were not allowed to enter the pool.

I stormed to the office. There must be a mistake...it's sunny blue skies!!!

They told me it was activated by the met station.

I called a nearby pool, intent on finding an alternative place, but it was under maintenance.

At that point I felt really disappointed and upset.

Months of emotional strain got to me.

And now the stinger: The pain in Daen's ankle joint is back.

Just thinking about another whole cycle of injections fills me with dread.

Why does life as a parent have to be so hard?


Sher said...

dear yanmei, so sorry to read this... i hope things stabilize real soon...

Shirlynne Liaw said...

Dear May,

I'm sorry that everything is coming together all at once for you. Yes, both parenting and caregiving are stressful. Just want to tell you that you're doing such a good job and I truly admire you for your strength. If I were in your situation, I wouldn't be able to cope as well as you. We all have thresholds and they also vary with a lot of factors at different times. Just to let you know that there are support groups and workshops that give psychosocial support should you find the one that you are in not enough. These are started by VWO agencies and not faith-based groups.

You could cut and paste to check them out: