19 January 2015

Still Not Well

Vera fell sick on 9 Jan. That was 10 days ago. She is still not well. In fact, she so clogged up secretions the past few days that she could hardly get any sleep. She has been crying once we put on the mask, because the air pushes the secretions back in doesn't help.

Seeing her crying stresses me out. Because the happy girl hardly cries.

She usually takes 2-3 weeks to get well from a bout of flu. We still don't know which way this one is gonna go. Part of the reason is because I made the call to hold off antibiotics. She gets very bad diarrhoea from oral antibiotics and that's something I don't wanna deal with. It basically clears her gut out.

If her fever comes back with a vengeance, we may consider going to hospital for IV antibiotics. That doesn't give her diarrhoea cos it goes straight into the bloodstream.