14 January 2015

New Year, Nasty Bug

Barely a week into the new year and Vera is down with a bad chest infection.
She went to school for a day, and was down the next day.
The chest infection in December was mild, and she got through it in 2 weeks.
This one however came fast and furious, with thick green gunk flowing freely on the first day, accompanied by a high fever.
Nurse from Starpals came, and we managed to get some Klacid for her. She can't be on Augmentin as that leads to very bad diarrhoea.
Alas, Klacid is also giving her very bad diarrhoea.
It is so bad that I doubt her gut can make it through another 6 days to finish the course.
I am stopping the Klacid. We will keep suctioning till it passes.
Fingers crossed she can fight this on her own. Else it will be admission to the hospital, set a plug for IV antibiotics, which won't cause diarrhoea.


Susan Oloier said...

I'm sorry to hear Vera's been so ill. It is always so hard on us as parents. I hope she is improving quickly. Susan