01 December 2014

Year End Illness 2014

And I was counting the days to December, whereby Vera would have broken her record of not being sick for 1 whole year.

Too bad, she is down with an URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), also known as a flu. There is fever, but low grade, which is a sign to me that it's not a serious one. If serious, the fever will spike to above 39 deg C in the first day. If we are lucky, this bout will clear in 2 weeks.

Her record so far:-

1-3 years old: 3 times fall sick per year, with hospitalisation.

4-5 years old: 2 times fall sick per year, sometimes manage at home with suctioning

6 years old: 1 time fall sick, so far managing at home

Well, at least the trend is positive so far!

I just hope she recovers in time for Christmas.