07 December 2014

Little Leona Goes For Surgery

This is Leona, another Singaporean baby born with full Trisomy 18.

She is now 2 plus.

From birth, she has shown the strongest of spirits, modeled after her very positive parents.

I believe these children can feel the life energy of those who want them to be here.

Leona has come out of a PEG surgery wonderfully, with easy intubation and extubation.

Now with a tummy feeding port, she can enjoy the freedom of having nothing through her nostril. I believe this would pave the way to greater improvement in feeding therapy, without any regurgitation.

I remember after Vera had this surgery, she became much more comfortable, and thus less cranky. Vomiting became a thing of the past.

It is as much a life improvement for the child as it is for the parents. Grow grow grow now, Leona!