22 February 2013

Vera is 5!

To all Vera's milk mummies, mummies who donated supplies, mummies who help us import supplies, Trisomy 18 families here and abroad who form our support network, teachers, therapists, surgeons, doctors and nurses who have helped Vera - THANK YOU!!!

Most of all, thank you to our families and friends for being there for us all the way. And to Beth for the headaches, backaches and countless nights of interrupted sleep and irregular hours that come with looking after a child like Vera. 


Cathy said...

Happy happy birthday sweet Vera! You and your mom continue to inspire!

Anonymous said...

It was an amazing birthday party. Thank you for this nice evening. Vera didn't seem to mind so many people around her, and we all very happy to see her! Happy 5th Birthday to Vera again!:-). Laura&Henrik

Jillian said...

Happy Birthday Darling Vera! You share the same birthday as my youngest son :)

Diana Woon said...

Happy birthday Vera!!! Wishing you a great year ahead & stay happy. You are a true fighter & you've an awesome parent who loves you & never stop inspiring us all. Hope to be able to catch you on your stroll.