13 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

January flies by and Chinese New Year is upon us.

As my granny gets older, she is Ninety Three (gasp!), every year becomes a celebration of her still here with us. A living legacy.

Oh what joy fills her heart...bless my dear Granny.
"Red packets over here, thank you very much."
"Hmmm...let me see who's this guy?" 
"I think I'm getting the hang of the red carpet routine."
"This is my dear Mai mai...we go waayyy back, yeah"

A Darlie moment
This aunt helped looked after my bro and I when we were kids.
This aunt has just the thing to keep Daen sitting still - Youtube TV! 
Gong gong, Papa and Daen - don't they look alike? 
They can play all day...the chemistry is unmistakable. 
All together now.

Happy New Year from Vera and us to you and your family! May the Year of the Snake be a slithery smooth one for you : )


Susan Oloier said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, May! They made my day. Happy Chinese New Year!

pyjamas said...

So happy to see the family doing well! Absolute joy seeing Vera sitting up and enjoying herself