25 November 2012

Daen Get Gastroenteritis

Knocked out from too much vomiting.
Two weeks after Vera's stomach infection, Daen gets it too. It seems viruses that cause Gastroenteritis, or an infection of the intestines, such as the Rotavirus, can remain in stools for up to a month after they recover. Daen could have caught the bug.

Gastroenteritis is characterised by Fever (Vera yes, Daen no), persistent Vomiting (Daen yes, Vera no), and persistent Diarrhea (both). It seems different people get different permutations of symptoms. I am VERY glad Vera escaped the vomiting.

The difference in the outcome: Daen's lost 400g, but Vera, thanks to tube feeding and lack of exercise when sick, put on 400g instead!