22 September 2012

Post-Hospital Burnout

I'm finally burnt out. 

After coming home with Vera from the hospital. I sleep and sleep, and feel like I'm falling sick. 

"That's because you don't take your vitamins," Vera's caregiver Beth says. She has been faithfully taking hers every day. 

We come home to Daen, and hacking away with a cough and cold. 

And as expected the ankle swells again. The immune system is on overdrive, attacking the virus, as well as his joints. How I wish I could teach it a simple lesson of identifying good and evil. 

Vera is not anywhere near back to her normal usual self. 

She is drowsy most of the time. More panda-eyed than ever before, but not able to sleep by herself still. And waking up crying several times a night. 

I wish we knew what was wrong, then we could find a way to help her. 

For now, I surrender to sleep to overcome the burnout.