16 September 2012

Is It Seizures?

Some special needs moms I know watched the video of Vera in the previous post and said it looked like fits.

I've learnt to listen well to these moms.

So this morning (Saturday), I took Vera down to Emergency. It's been almost 2 weeks since the height of her so-called 'possessed' episode, and she's still not back to her usual happy self. Instead, she's drowsy, dazed, crying to be rocked to sleep, then repeatedly crying during her sleep. She's basically behaving like she's sick.

It's the weekend, and I wasn't going to risk an ambulance run should the 'episodes' strike again (we know how things like to happen during the weekend). I have had enough drama to last me for a good while.

My instincts said: "Check her in, get her monitored, ready to respond with meds should a seizure strike, and more likely a Neuro doc will address her issues sooner." It turned out to be the right move. There will be a senior Neuro doc in the ward tomorrow (Sunday), and we'll most likely get some clarity.

I will update more then.

Thanks everyone for your support.