15 October 2011

Silent Reflux Confirmed

Results from the PH Impedance study are in.

Vera definitely has Silent Reflux. That means although she doesn't vomit, fluids are going up and down her oesophagus all day. 147 times/day to be exact.

About 50 times, it goes up as high as 9cm about the stomach. Which is quite near the lungs. Not good.


Well, there is no long-term solution. Reflux is something that cannot be cured once and for all.

We could put Vera through surgery for a re-fundoplication - tightening the band leading out of the stomach - preventing fluids from going back up, but that commonly lasts for 5 years. In Vera's case, the first fundoplication when she was 1 year old lasted only a year. So we're not too convinced of its durability in her case.

Plus, we're told by the surgeon that the re-fundo needs to be done via a cut on the stomach, which sound a little drastic. The first time round was using keyhole surgery. If anyone has had a re-fundo via keyhole, do let me know!

My other greater worry is intubation. Vera has had surgery twice, and both times, intubation was difficult and quite a challenge for the team. Basically that means lots of trial and error, in and out, and scarring and swelling of her oesophagus.

The plan now is to wait until something happens. Meaning, if some fluids go into her lungs and causes Aspiration Pneumonia, that will be the time we seriously consider the surgery.

Meanwhile, we continue the costly medicine Omeprazole, which makes the hyperactive fluids un-acidic. Liquid going into the lungs is bad, but acidic liquid is worse.

Let's hope the fluids behave themselves and don't stray too much.