07 November 2009

First Oxy Night

We got our oxygen concentrator rental set yesterday and tried it on Vera last night.

It was a big, bulky machine, larger than a desktop CPU. And as Sister Rachel had pre-empted us, it was noisy. Think fish tank motor running through the night, giving out regular sneeze-like sounds intermittently. We had to place it in another room, close the door, and run the tubing to our room.

So we got round to 12 midnight where - we hoped - Vera would be in deep enough sleep to take the little instrusion lying down. The first time, she fought it off. The second time, we managed to get it on, with daddy rocking her back to sleep. We secured it by tape on her upper cheeks as suggested by Cathy (thanks for the advice!) and hooked it around the ears.

Vera slept through the night and seemed to toss and turn less. Once or twice in the night the prongs came out of her nostrils and I put them back easily. Definitely less painful than the CPAP mask!

This morning, she didn't wake up struggling with her breathing as before. Fingers crossed tonight will be just as smooth sailing. Hopefully she'll get used to it within the next week or so.

Looking bright and well-rested this morning.