09 July 2017

Double Whammy

June was supposed to be the school holidays. It was no holiday for us.

We spent the last 3 weeks of June with Vera in hospital. She has a viral infection - RSV. Thankfully, it turned out to be not as serious as the one last year

Then, before she could be discharged, D got sick. After 7 straight days of high fever, we brought him to the hospital. It turned out to be Mycoplasma Pneumonia. 

From doing our 'hospital rounds' at one hospital, to 'hospital rounds' at another. In total, Vera was sick for 5 weeks and Daen for 2 weeks. 

The after math: Ian and I are burned out. (Both of us once drove away from our intended destination, our minds were not on the road.)

I cannot stay overnight at the hospital - I can't think straight and work with the doctors in the day. 

I do the day shifts, and our helper and Ian do the nights. 

Ian did all the nights with D, saved for the last one (me). It is no joke trying to sleep in a room full of infants crying through the night. 

No wonder patients and caregivers are grumpy! Lack of sleep is a killer. 

For the first time, we did a double discharge - on consecutive days. 

We're all back home now. 

Pray no more hospital stays for 2017.