19 October 2016

Coming To The Surface

I am rising from my deep dive.

I can feel it.

I've been reading to help myself.

Author Jody Day says in her book "Living the Life Unexpected":

"Being depressed is not necessarily always a problem; it has a valuable part to play in giving us the rest and space we need to reconstruct our identity after losing someone or something very dear to us."

"We reject those who try to cheer us up...we are in a deeper place than that, and we know that's where we need to be."

"The depression that is a part of grief will pass when it has given you the space, rest and introspection you need to move forward with your healing journey."

"Once we begin our grief work, things can begin to shift quite quickly, and you can start moving forward with life again."

"Acceptance is about coming to terms with our destiny and making peace with it. It doesn't mean we like it, or that we think it's fair. It just is what it is."

"Acceptance does not mean that we go quietly. But what it does mean is that the energy that was locked up in our grief becomes available to us again, to dedicate towards a new future."

I took a picture with Vera today. I haven't done so in ages. It's a good sign.

As long as Vera doesn't give up hope, I can't.