27 December 2015

RDSS Xmas Party

This is the first year we attended the RDSS (Rare Disorders Society Singapore) Christmas party. Vera is a beneficiary.

I sat at the same table as another blogger mum - Mary - who is similarly raising awareness of her daughter's condition, Trisomy 21, or more commonly known as Down's Syndrome, via her blog Simply Lambchops.

Her daughter K is a real sweetie.

Vera stayed awake throughout the event (her usual naptime is 12-2pm) and was exceptionally cheery and engaged. She really seemed to be enjoying herself, with no fussing at all.

She was by my side as well as I sang "Christmas is Christmas", a song that I wrote. 

Who would have thought my little Vera (well, not so little now) would live to accompany me on stage, bringing new meaning to a song written before she was born.