15 October 2015

Eye Infection and High Fever

 Finally finding the time to blog about what's been happening in the past few months. 

After enjoying July, Vera came down with an eye infection in August. With the onset of the yearly haze, we were hardly surprised. 

Daen had a bout of high fever, then Vera went on to have high fever. 

Three days of above 39 deg Celcius, so off to the hospital we went. 

Blood in her secretions, either from inflammation or suctioning.

Makeshift headgear straps
In our haste, we always forget something. This time it was headgear straps. 

Vera stayed in hospital for 5 days.

And the day she got discharged, I developed an eye infection. It was so bad I was out of action for more than a week. 

At the same time, Ian fell very sick. He seldom does. 

Whenever Vera is warded, the frequent trips to the hospital can really run us down.

For Vera, boutsof illnesses are usually followed by diarrhea. Triggered by antibiotic usage of course. 

We had to stop feeds and put her on rice water for an entire week to rest her gut. 

All this while, the choking haze from Indonesia robbed us of fresh air and we were holed up indoors. Fearing respiratory issues, Vera stayed strictly at home. 

So September was rough, but we're okay now.